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ZANELLATO - Original and sophisticated handmade bags. 
Elegant, sophisticated and authentic bags executed with skill display the unrivalled 'made in Italy' quality. The rules of production are those of the Sartorial Atelier, where tradition is treasured and the continual search for new designs are in perfect harmony, generating refined, at times ironic pieces that exalt the art of handmade leatherware. Zanellato proposes a new “ lifestyle” in which an impeccabile, discreet, handmade luxury item becomes an indispensable accessory to wear, love, and desire.
POSTINA ® - The bag, officially registered both on a national and international level, aspires to represent the bag that makes a part of our history resurface, evoking a world rich in tradition - a time when the postman with his shoulder bag, delivered the post on his bicycle.



                       Fall Winter 201

Spring Summer 2014





     Coming soon...

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