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Valentina Sentell, It is called “LUXURY LINE SHOES” because even the name of Valentina Sentell’s new collection declares its intention: to adorn feet for multiple situations in a woman’s daily life, without  renouncing  two indispensable requisites: luxury and elegance.


It is called Capri  because the novelty is in the heels: Valentina Sentell in fact offers a glamorous female collection that varies from a height of 1 to 10 cm, but is concentrates above all on design and the perfect height  for 1 and 3 cm typical of  master artisan of Capri.
The shoes are comfortable to wear, elegant and refined in design and are all carefully selected and finished in ancient artisan Italian tradition, realized with high-quality leather, precious stones and Swarovski elements.


Spring Summer 2014

Spring Summer 2013


     Coming soon...

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