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Other Services

ITALIAN FASHION COMPANY offer to their costumers a series of other services that might be required to enhance the beauty of their female costumers. Image consulting for young and older women to get their aesthetisc image in to the best, offering them a total re-look, to improve the exisiting beauty, by providing them the right spots for their hair cuts, where to buy a quality clothes, and what kind of make up sweets their faces. 

Our costumers are: 

Women that want to be more attractive and seductive. 

Business woman who doesnt have time to care about herself. 

A mother with kids, all day house working, and want to dedicate a bit of her time to her own beauty. 

Women that desire to appear differently, for curosity or just tired from her current look. 

Women that needs a change by a new hair cut or wearing different clothes, maybe to impress her hussband or an another man. 

Older women that feel to gove a cut of her past, and want to see helfesl younger and more attractive. 

Girls and women that dont have eboufgh selfconfidence and need to feel more comfortable in their own society. 





The website of our partner in Image concultancy: 



We offer as well total re-look of the window stores. Helping (with more attractive wodnow), to sell more. 




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