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Angelina Folies is an italian brand of  women's clothing for daytime and formal occasions.
The collections are inspired by garments and accessories made ​​with craftsmanship, sequins and embroidery that express a strong imprinting creative. Creations made to dress a woman who loves to compose and decompose their wardrobe.
A dress becomes a container of dreams and aspirations, one more way to play with their own personality.
Simple and versatile models that combine perfectly with rich fabrics.
From sheath dresses or empire style,  each garment is made ​​unique by the applications of items such as flakes of rose, pearls, ruffles, petals, micro crystals and trimmings.
A play of lights and flashes that are mixed with iridescent pastel colors, such as pink powder, oil, and of course the gray beige shades that give the creations Angelina Folies an extra advantage.




      Fall Winter 2013/14

      Spring Summer 2014

     Coming soon...

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