Italian Fashion Company ®                         Quality Italian Fashion Brands in Australia 
The Italian Fashion Company is a trusted supplier of quality Italian made clothing and fashion items to selected retail outlets in Australia.
Founded and based in Milan in 2012, we have established preferential arrangements with Italian manufacturers who share our vision to distribute elegant and unique items, which are of the highest quality. We also maintain a level of exclusivity with our retail stores so they can differentiate their offering to the market and in their area. 
The Italian brands we distribute, offering to our customers Seasonal Stock, have proven expertise in design and quality of materials, including clothes, bags, accessories and shoes, all for day and evening time.


      From September  2019 you will find  SPRING & SUMMER Collections 2019/20. Come to visit us! 

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       IFC Italian Made Labels, clothing and accessories are availble in our Showroom in Toorak.                              By appointment only.